We hope you have enjoyed your visit to the New England Exotic Bird Sanctuary page.
Here are some other web sites of interest.

Other Bird Sanctuaries,
Rescues and Placement Programs

Exotic birds:  Outside the U.S.

Exotic birds:  In the U.S.

Avian Placement & Education.
“Located Along the Platte River Bottoms, in Nebraska”
Rescue, adoption, and education organization.
Tucson, Arizona
Charlie’s Bird House.
Rescue and Adoption.
Gatesville, Texas

Providence House
Rescue Only.
West Richland, WA

Or, search for a rescue at one of these sites:
Animal-Related Link Exchange

Wild birds:  U.S. Rescues

A Florida gulf coast sanctuary that rescues, rehabilitates and where possible releases local wild birds.

Wild Bird Information Resources
Kathy Johnson’s page about finding help for wild birds in need.

Lost and Founds

If you’ve lost or found a bird, go here!  You can list a bird as lost or found.  You can also sign up to be a birdwatcher, and help find lost birds.   They’re also on the webrings related to lost and found birds, so after you’ve gone to the bird hotline, follow the webrings they’re on for more!

Bird Clubs and Organizations

Avian Health Links

The HolisticBird website.  Lots of information on caring for your bird’s health, holistically.  Includes a link to the holisticbird email list, a great ongoing source of information.

The Kitchen Physician.  A subset of Carolyn Swicegood’s Land of Vos site, the Kitchen Physician consists of pages and pages of holistic information, including dietary, medicinal, and environmental.

Gillian’s Help Desk
Gillian Willis is a pharmacist and toxicologist. She is considered an “expert” in matters of poisoning and
      toxic substances by those of us who participate in bird related mailing lists on the Internet.

Site about current research on proventricular dilatation disease, better known as macaw, or parrot, wasting disease, and how you can help.

Feather and Blood Sexing and Disease Testing – U.S. Site

Avian Biotech U.K.
Feather and Blood Sexing and Disease Testing – U.K. Site

Feather and Blood Sexing and Disease Testing –
Australian Company

Other Bird-Related Links

Thorough, extensive website regarding canaries., another great canary website.

Land of Vos
Highly informative site by a keeper of Eclectus parrots.

 Birds in the Garden

A taxonomic reference of parrots.

A wonderful site about training birds using a clicker.
We at NEEBS have been using clicker training for several years now, and we love it!

Unrelated but Interesting

The Wow Zone
A great site for all of us. Follow its premise and we’ll have a more peaceful life together.

The Pure-Food.Com Home Page
A non-commercial site by one of our friends made for those concerned about what they’re eating.

Enertia Building Systems “Homes” Page
A fascinating tour of environmental solar homes.

Questioned Document Examination
The web page of Emily Will, about handwriting analysis in the courts.

Earth Week
Find out what happened to the planet (and to you) in the past week.