Charlie’s Memorial Page

Charlie, Ambassador to Heaven

Charlie, a beloved Congo African Grey who lived at NEEBS for nearly one year, died on February 24, 1999.  The pain of her passing was shared by many, and opened the doors to all of us to face our grief over other loved ones.
Charlie has volunteered to contact many of these loved ones in Heaven and form the Screamfest Orchestra.  These loved ones, fids, furds, and two-leggeds, are listed below, in honor of Charlie and all others who have passed over the rainbow bridge, leaving the rest of us missing them terribly.

Silvio’s Grandmother
Jasper the Jardine’s
Sky the Budgie

Meshack the Jendaya
Little Mr. Man the Baby ‘Tiel
Pumpkin Pied Tiel
Bandit the Loggerhead Shrike
Peaches the Peachfaced Lovebird
Quackers the Sun
The Pigeon from Boston
Honey the Gerbil
Haley the Cockatiel
Duncan the Bourke’s Parakeet
Bo, Benson and Prettyboy the Parakeets
Sherbie the Tiel
Jade the Quaker
Attila the Budgie

Little Orphan Annie, the Boston Terrier
Seymour the Collie

Shirley the Pastel Blue PFLB, sister to Val
Fido the Zebra Finch
Sedgwick, an odd little Screech Owl
Smokey the Tiel
Thumper, the Peach-Fronted Conure
Jacky,  Jackie and Bobby the Budgies
Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa Gouldian with their babies Dino and Oscar.
Topsy, a wonderful little Keet
Dundee the Tiel
Tilli the Green Cheek Conure
Jeeka Tiel the First
Charlie and Bert the Tiels
Maxie and BJ the Budgies
Mama Bird, the mother of a gazillion Society Finches
Flip, Stretch and Berd the Budgies
Punch, the Half-Moon Conure
Davy, the Blue Budgie
Angus the Budgie
Gretchen the German Schnauzer
Pinky, Chester, Lucy and Honker (Canada Geese raised from 2 day old babies)
Hope and Ginger, the Bobwhite Quail
Maude the Female Wood duck, and her Six Babies
Jimmy, the Mutt Puppy from Sicily
Humphrey, the baby lovebird, and his clutchmates

Danny the Budgie

First Conure President Amadan
Marge, Pang’s Mom
Niki, a gray tiel hen, Cyn’s first bird, and they had lots of fun together
Tweety, the cockatiel
Felix, the Gouldian finch
Yoko and Ono, two wonderful budgies
Kathryn (Kay)Anderson
Lizzie, the one-year old female greenwing
Barney, the male red-fronted macaw
Baby, the unweaned baby moustache parakeet
Greaser, the shepherd-collie

Miss Parker, the budgie
Miss Parker was only four months old,
and died when ammonia was used in her presence.

Wally, the cockatiel
Petey, the human baby
Cochese, the blue & gold macaw
Gypsie, the sheltie
Wesley Harrod, the baby human
Shane, the shetland sheepdog
Bianca, friend and companion for more than 18 years,
the most beautiful shaded silver tabby cat that ever was.
Jubilee, the eastern Rosella
B.J., A.C., Patricia Mary, Mary Patricia, Mack, and Skipper, the budgies
Bill, the canary

Tweety, the canary

 Kiko, the 
moustached parakeet
Rosie, the rosella

Anna, the sun conure
Wallace, the cutthroat finch
Toffee, the dwarf bunny
Janel, the normal grey tiel
Tiger, the baby blue crown conure

Muffy Terrier
“She was 16 years old,
and a gentle, sweet, and smart little soul.”

Cherry, the cherryheaded conure
Chirpie the budgie
Tyke, the dog

Buddleia “Buddy” Stone
August 20, 1998 – January 7, 2000
My First Bird. I will always love you and miss you.

Harry the Bebe Parrot
Little Man, the zebra finch

Kodie, the Bouvier
Miss Skittles, beloved Sun Conure
Rascal, the maroon-bellied conure
Pepperoni, beloved cockatiel
Passed over the bridge on
September 25, 2002